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Bronze inkwell signed "A. Giroux"

Bronze inkwell signed "A. Giroux"

Inkwell in gilded bronze and cloisonné enamels signed "A. Giroux" Inkwell on pedestal in gilt bronze and blue, green and red cloisonné enamel.

Height: 11cm

Diameter: 8.5 cm

Doubly signed under the base Alphonse Giroux.

Alp. Giroux place vendome

Merchant and manufacturer of tableware and cabinetry, Paris. Store created around 1799 by François-Simon Giroux (? -Paris 1848) 7 rue du Coq-Saint-Honoré in Paris: trade in fancy objects and stationery (supplies for daguerreotype), then cabinetmaking from 1834, under the name of Alphonse Giroux. Taken over in 1838 by his sons Alphonse-Gustave (Paris 1810-1886) and André (Paris 1801-1879) under the company name Alphonse Giroux et Cie. Transferred in 1857, 43 boulevard des Capucines. Ceded in 1867 to Duvinage and Harinbouck, and managed from 1870 by Ferdinand Duvinage alone, then by his widow from 1874 to 1882, and finally by A. Philippe and E. Arnut from 1883 to 1884. The old Giroux house disappeared in 1885.

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