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Porcelain plate clock signed Dubois in Paris

Porcelain plate clock signed Dubois in Paris

Imposing gilt bronze terminal pendulum and enamelled porcelain plaques A LOUIS XVI style terminal clock in finely chiseled and gilded bronze, and porcelain plaques with enamelled decoration. The enamelled and richly decorated dial is signed: DUBOIS à PARIS (faubourg Poissonnière, 1840-1860) indicates the hours in Roman numerals and the minutes in increments of 5 in Arabic numerals.

The striking movement is in perfect working order. Damping is adorned with a covered vase from which garlands of flowers escape. The body is decorated with floral friezes, canals and florets. It rests on six worked spinning tops. The clock is decorated with ten porcelain plaques with a celestial blue frame; The central medallion shows a putto hunting butterflies, below three other plaques represent pheasants and other birds; the other plates are decorated with flowery falls.



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